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Pat Bennett, President and Founder

Pat Bennett began E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags in 2002, but he knew long before then there was a market that needed awareness.

As an avid fisherman, diver and boater, Pat can usually be found on the water or heading to it. This passion began as a child and even lead to him owning his first boat before getting a driver’s license.

Throughout the years, Pat has worked on boats as a mate, competed in tournaments, and generally spent numerous hours being bucked around through rough waters. Here’s where bean bags come in.

About 8-9 years ago Pat began dragging box store bean bags along for the ride. Soon he realized he needed two or three cheap bags to stay relatively comfortable. The wear and tear, salt water and UV damage inflicted on these bags resulted in further innovations, such as stuffing 3 bags into another, larger bag but eventually determined cheap bags were worthless. Although his friends chided Pat about these bags, Pat knew he was onto something.

Now E-Sea Rider is a common name among the who’s who of fishing. E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags can be found across the country, used by tournament pros and recreational fishermen alike. The durability, UV- and salt-resistance, and easy-to-clean exterior makes them a favorite among serious fishermen and boaters who don’t have time for delicate gear.

E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags are in their third generation. Each generation boasts upgrades such as stronger materials, better components, versatile designs, and double stitching for an experience that can’t be replicated by anyone else.

Pat stands behind his bags, using them on every outing, at every tournament, and on every boat. Even his kids enjoy E-Sea Rider bags of their own styles and colors.

Sure you can experiment with cheaper bags, or other brands before ultimately finding the comfort, durability, and marine toughness you need, but why? Pat has already done the testing, he’s spent the time and money destroying cheap imitations to better his design. Take it from the man who knows, E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags can’t be beat. Now in four main styles, several sizes, 17 solid colors and 289 color variations for complete customization.

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