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E-SeaRider®  is the hightest quality marine bean bag available.

Experience the beads surrounding you, contouring to your body frame for the comfort and support you need. It can only be an E-Sea Rider.


E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags are mold and mildew resistant. We use only the best heavy duty, UV and fungicide resistant marine grade vinyl, without sacrificing compact dimensions and beautiful styling.

All styles of E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags are excellent for outdoor and indoor use. They are weather-resistant, water repellant, tear and crack resistant with excellent abrasion resistance.


E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags are conceived, designed, developed, built, sold and used in the U.S.A. All materials are the highest quality marine grade.


E-Sea Rider® Marine Grade Bean Bags are more versatile than any other boat seating available. Easily portable and light weight for use on various boats, docks, by pools or on the beach. The dual carrying straps are dually designed for easy transportation and secure stowage.

Some Common Uses for E-Sea Rider® Marine Grade Bean Include:





Extra Seating

Sports Events



Outdoor Seating


Indoor Seating

Sail Boats

Portable Seating

Dorm Rooms



The secret to E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bag comfort is in the fill. We use only the highest quality viscostyrene ™. Viscostyrene ™ filler has stood the test of time, use, and a few good beatings better than standard virgin polystyrene or other, less durable fillers.

Viscostyrene™Viscostyrene™ is the value of filler that exhibits viscosity and styrene characteristics when undergoing distortion (i.e. use). E-Sea Rider Viscostyrene™ filler moves fluidly, conforming to your body to provide added neck and back support.

By contrast, other makers of bean filled furniture use ground "recycled" Styrofoam. In “recycled” Styrofoam the polystyrene seal has been broken compromising each, individual Styrofoam bead’s integrity by creating porous surfaces. These porous surfaces absorb odors and moisture while rapidly compressing and further breaking down the fill. Additionally, “recycled” Styrofoam material is less comfortable, clumpier, and hesitates to conform to your body’s contour.

We’ve even taken into account “The Green Factor”. The life expectancy of our E-Sea Rider Viscostyrene™ and Marine Grade Bean Bags far exceeds that of other outdoor use furniture, including wood and aluminum which tend to peel, corrode and often require refinishing which uses harsh chemicals. Viscostyrene™ also outlives other styrene filled products which rapidly breakdown and ultimately must be discarded.


E-Sea Rider Marine Grade Bean Bags come fully assembled and ready for use. Simply remove the packing material, shake the beads to the belly of the bag (except with armchairs), adjust and “wiggle down”. Experience the beads surrounding you, contouring to your body frame for the comfort and support. It can only be an E-Sea Rider.

Bags are overfilled and can be modified to fit your body type and preference by removing some of the filler.

We recommend keeping the extra filler for later use, if needed.

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